The Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sindh, is a semi-autonomous organization committed to educating and empowering children and communities towards social change by improving access to educational facilities. Since its establishment in 1992 as a semi-autonomous organization, the SEF endeavors have focused on bringing the light of education for the growth and development of those living in remote and disadvantaged areas of the Sindh province in Pakistan.

Initially, the Foundation began its operations with the provision of grants and loans to educational institutes and organizations. Today, we provide communities with access to educational facilities by opening schools/ educational centers across the province in partnership with individuals and/or organizations. We ensure educational quality across our diversified portfolio of programs and projects through extending professional development opportunities to multiple school stakeholders as well as by undertaking qualitative and quantitative research and monitoring to study the impact of our interventions and to identify improvement areas for enriching educational interventions at the grassroots.

SEF publishes a range of educational resources comprising magazines on Early Childhood Development for caregivers and practitioners, educational content in local languages for grass root communities, reading materials for neo-literate learners and curriculum guides and literacy manuals to enrich the process of teaching and learning in classrooms.

Today, with financial support from the Department of Education & Literacy, Government of Sindh, our portfolio has expanded to reach out to over 350,000 beneficiaries through a network of more than 2,000 schools and educational centers in the underserved areas of the province making it the largest educational foundation in Pakistan.