School Observation & Academic Development Initiative (SOADI)

Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sindh is continuously expanding its portfolio to reach out to the Out of School Children of the province and provide quality education through its mandated innovative and quality oriented initiatives. While SEF’s Training Unit (TU) has been engaged in building the capacity of teachers of the SEF Supported Schools’. In order to gauge the effectiveness of these engagements the Training Unit (TU) undertook the initiative of visiting various schools in the districts of Sindh and observed the implementation at the grassroots levels. The overall findings suggested a more vigorous and detailed school observation which caters to all the essential area. So, on 22nd Nov 2017 a meeting was held at Regional Office Karachi (ROK) of the Sindh Education Foundation, Govt. of Sindh Karachi. The meeting was chaired by the Managing Director SEF while other participants included supervisors from SZABIST and officials of SEF. This meeting was held as the Foundation has accordingly undertaken through a third party an initiative, “School Observation and Academic Development Initiative (SOADI)”, initiative in selected 400 schools of the Sindh Education Foundation across the districts of Sindh in order to observe and measure the academic and administrative functionality of schools. This initiative aims to evaluate the overall capacity of the Head Teacher’s management capacity; availability of academic calendars and compliance with academic system; the classroom structure, setting and management, teaching capacity, attitude with students, record keeping and overall academic and learning environment etc.