Hammal Ahsan, A student of Foundation Assisted school is an epitome of Self-motivation

Hammal a student of Grade X is an epitome of self-motivation who had joined Foundation Assisted Khatoon e Jannat Fellowship school Pashambhy Goth, Malir Karachi in Class VIII after the completion of elementary schooling from a private school. Hammal has been an energetic child using all his capabilities in positive ways. At a young age, he associated himself with medical center operating in the vicinity of neighborhood, where he was able to experience health related practices and learned to give medical assistance at primary stage of medical care. With a four-year experience in Medical practices, Hammal is about to be join a renowned medical center to manage Health awareness program for remote areas as a Health awareness officer. Khatoon e Jannat Fellowship school operating under Per Child Subsidy model of Sindh Education Foundation, has been making tremendous efforts for last 23 years in promoting education in their village of Pashambhy Goth. School is providing quality education as per the guidelines of SEF which has also been providing technical support to the school. Hammal’s initial days at Foundation Assisted Khatoon e Jannat Fellowship school were full of hurdles as he has switched from a low cost private school. The performance of Hammal was a grave concern for the teachers as they had to re-strategize and rethink strategies for building capacity of Hammal. Adaptation to new environment and system of school was another challenge for the Hammal. In this scenario the school and Hammal were on the verge of quitting school to either opt for education in madrassa or to take up a laborer job at nearby factory at Pashambhy Goth. Hard-pressed by this critical choices Hammal pondered over the difficult decision. As an outcome of guidance from school and community, Hammal choose a path that has taken him to prosperous future through wealth of knowledge and learning. Hammal on his journey of learning was hit by the saddest news of his life as his father left for eternal abode and left him and his family in unrelenting grief. In this state of grief Hammal had to experience another decisive moment as after his father he was the only male member of the family who had to take care of his mother and family. The crisis was alleviated by his mother and four elder sisters’ sensible resolution for making sure that loss of his fathe does not create any obstacle in his academic progress. Ms. Hira (Head teacher-Khatoon e Jannat) account for Hammal mother’s resolution, “Hammal’s mother has broken all the social barriers and set exceptional example of progressive mother by making sure that her only son attains education in every situation. His mother ensured that he rejoins school with few days of his father’s untimely death. Wish we have more examples of such courageous mothers.” Hard work, self-motivation and support of teachers and parents was rewarded when Hammal got highest score edging out number of competent students in Secondary Examination Board. The achievement has brought great joy and happiness for teachers and family.The success of Hammal is example of motivation and learning for many students in school and community.. Hammal appreciates the hard work of his teachers and the support provided by Sindh Education Foundation which proved crucial for providing him the life changing opportunity of education.