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Chief Minister, Sindh / Chairman, SEF Board of Governors
Mr. Syed Murad Ali Shah

The Government of the Sindh firmly believes that quality education is the basic right of every citizen and is an essential component to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing scenario of the overall development around the globe. The Government of Sindh is keenly concerned to widely address the issues of the education sector by owning the slogan i.e. “Education for All”, aiming to meet the learning needs of all children, youth. The Government of Sindh in pursuance of this commitment enacted the “Sindh Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2013” fulfilling its promise with the people of this province. The Sindh Education Foundation, a major arm of the Government of Sindh for Public Private Partnerships in the education sector, is playing a vital role in assuring the access to quality education throughout the province in a credible manner for formal and non-formal education for children, youth and adults. The portfolio of the Foundation is greatly expanding this year with almost a thousand new schools in targeted areas all across the province, especially the underserved communities, deep rural pockets and far-flung difficult to reach areas. Hopefully, these schools will be eventually able to educate more than 250,000 children with focus to bring down the number of out-of-school children in Sindh which has been one of the biggest challenges faced by Pakistan.

Provincial Minister, Sindh / Vice-Chairman, SEF Board of Governors
Mr. Sayed Sardar Ali Shah

The Sindh Education Foundation is pivotal part of the Ministry of Education & Literacy, Sindh. In the recent years, the Foundation exhibited a vivid progress in ensuring the access of the quality education in the remote areas of the Sindh through the Foundations Public-Private Partnership framework. The PPP framework of the Foundation has successfully evolved in the educational canvas of Sindh and has produced and nourished human resources in form of the students, teachers, partners, communities and other stakeholders to raise the modern and competitive process of instituting a progressive and dynamic education sector that ultimately is attaining the objectives and the goals of the province in pursuance of the commitments of the Govt. of Sindh under the 18th Amendment of the Constitution of Pakistan that states that “The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by the law." as declared in the Article 25-A.

Managing Director, Sindh Education Foundation, Govt. of Sindh
Mr. Abdul Kabir Kazi,

The Sindh Education Foundation with support of the Govt. of Sindh strongly aims to enact and spread the quality education in all corners of the province with modern, latest and scalable approach. The Foundation responsibly recognizes the challenge of the access of the education in terms of catering the out of school children and ensuring the quality of education in the existing publicly owned educational facilities. In the recent Covid pandemic scenario, including all other sector, the education sector is also impacted, yet, Foundation is determined to address the loss by imparting the smart learning and teaching methods. In this current year, 2021, Foundation in pursuance of its mission and the commitments of the honorable Chief Minister, Govt. of Sindh selected around 1000 new sites for opening new schools to educate the approximately 250,000 out of school children. Besides, the regular FAS program, Foundation is trusted by the Government of Sindh to functionalize the comprehensive English medium School through its PPP modality to set a benchmark with a sustainable and scalable approach. It is pertinent to mention that these interventions along with the education also boost the economic activity in form of engaging entrepreneurs, hiring of teachers, other staff and construction of schools will certainly generate an economic activity for the locality with province wide impact.

Text Excerpts from the budget speech of Syed Murad Ali Shah, honorable Chief Minister, Sindh / Chairman, SEF Board of Governors

  • Foundation will be functionalizing around 500-800 viable government schools’ buildings under the Foundation’s Public-Private Partnership Model
  • Upgrade as many schools as viable in order to provide post-prim, education (element, & secondary) to the most deserving communities especially girl students across Sindh. It is estimated that around 15,000 students will benefit from this intervention in the Academic Year 2022-23.

  • Expanding its Non-formal Education portfolio through present as well as new partners. It is expected that another 20,000 learners will benefit from the expansion of NFE portfolio of the Foundation.

  • The Youth Education Employment Empowerment Project has been launched with a dedicated focus on educating, training, and empowering 15,000 youth in Sindh as joint initiative with the UNDP on 50/50 cost sharing basis. Till now, the Project Management Unit (PMU) has been established which is engaged in a scoping exercise. The Project is also mobilizing private sector including textile, automotive, construction, agriculture, and services sectors. The Project has taken all the relevant government departments and bodies on board including Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of Sindh and STEVTA. The Project is going to give an impetus to the implementation of the Sindh Youth Policy in the province.