People's School Sujawal Celebrates Annual Awards and Graduation Ceremony

People's School Sujawal , renowned as the premier educational institution supported by the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) and managed by Team Take One, recently hosted its annual awards and graduation ceremony. The event, graced by the presence of Mr. Abdul Kabir Kazi, Managing Director of SEF, aimed to honor student achievements and recognize the efforts of Team Take One in providing high-quality education. Joining Mr. Kazi as esteemed guests were Mr. Nawab Zafar, Deputy Director of Hyderabad Region, Ms. Naheed Abbasi, Deputy Director of Special Initiatives, and Mr. Nisar Banbhan, Deputy Director of Advocacy and Communication, and Mr. Gaffar Khan, Program Head of Hyderabad Region. and Mr. Younis Rustamani, district head. The ceremony underscored the significance of community involvement in ensuring accessible and excellent education for students at their doorstep. The People's School Sujawal currently accommodates over 650 students. This year, 46 students from Class 4, 60 students from Class 5, 85 students from Class 6, 28 students from Class 7, and 40 students from Class 8 were recognized for their outstanding performance and promoted to the next grade. The event witnessed a tremendous turnout of parents, students, teachers, and members of the SEF team, who witnessed the exceptional enthusiasm and dedication of Team Take One. During the ceremony, Managing Director Abdul Kabir Kazi engaged with over 600 parents, seeking their feedback on the school's environment, the quality of education, and the school's appeal to their children. Parents expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the Sindh Education Foundation for establishing a high-quality school in the underserved area of Sujawal. They lauded the foundation for providing free and modern education, which was previously only available in urban centers. The parents acknowledged that the presence of People's School Sujawal has brought a significant positive change in their children, instilling in them big dreams and aspirations. They firmly believed that education has the power to transform lives and society. Speaking at the ceremony, Honorable Agha Samar Shah, Director of Team Take One, emphasized the milestone achieved by People's School Sujawal in completing its successful first year. He expressed gratitude to the Sindh Education Foundation for selecting Team Take One as a partner after a transparent and fair selection process. Mr. Shah highlighted the organization's commitment to student development programs and the use of technology to address current and future challenges in education. He emphasized the importance of a quality educational environment and shared that People's School Sujawal has made significant efforts to provide such an environment. The school utilizes a hybrid curriculum, incorporating the core curriculum from the Sindh Text Book Board and integrating resources from the Singapore-based ETL Learning system to enhance English, Math, and moral values for character building. Parents in Sujawal have shown overwhelming appreciation for the institution, as evidenced by the high number of applications received during the first academic year. Despite admissions for the next year not being officially announced, the school received hundreds of applications, reflecting the community's confidence and trust in People's School Sujawal. The school follows a no-fee policy, with no admission or monthly fees charged. School uniforms, books, and other learning materials are provided by the school. During his visit to the school, Mr. Abdul Kabir Kazi acknowledged the efforts of Team Take One, parents, and teachers in creating an effective learning environment. Certificates were distributed to the promoted students, acknowledging their remarkable achievements. The annual awards and graduation ceremony at People's School Sujawal exemplified SEF's commitment to providing quality education in underserved areas. It showcased the transformative power of education and highlighted the collaborative efforts of Team Take One, parents, and teachers in fostering a brighter future for the students.