S No Title Tender Opening Date Bid Document Bid Report Contract Report Contract
1 Hiring Services of Printing for Workbooks and AALTP books and teachers guidelines packages A, B, C, D, E tender no. SEF/NP/23-4/078 30-05-2024    
2 Hiring of Chartered Accountant Firm Services 20-12-2023  
3 Bidding Documents for Group Health insurance for SEF employees and their dependents 01-11-2023  
4 Hiring of Individual Consultant to Prepare & Design Assessment Framework for Assessment Unit, SEF 14-06-2023  
5 Advertisement for Procurement of Electrical Item & Procurement of Online UPS with SNMP card Tender Reference no. SEF/NP/22-23/07 05-05-2023      
6 Hiring of Firm for Post Primary subject based Teachers Training (SEF/22-23/NP/01) 29-11-2022        
7 Hiring of firm for Security Guard Services. SEF/NP/21-22/08 09-08-2022    
8 Hiring of Individual Consultant for Redesigning / Revamping of Education Management Information System (EMIS) for 18 months SEF/NP/21-22/05 24-05-2022    
9 Internet Security/ Antivirus Solution (3 years Subscription) SEF/NP/21-22/02/C 20-10-2021